Top AdSense Alternatives for Low Traffic Bloggers – 2023

Google AdSense Alternatives

Is Google AdSense not giving you approval? No Worry! In this article, I gave my best to describe the Top AdSense Alternatives for low traffic through which you can earn extra income without Google AdSense.

So, stay with me to get instant results. Let’s have a quick introduction.

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a product of Google from where you can monetize your website and youtube channel to generate an income.

In the case of website monetization, you have to take approval from Google AdSense. After that, you can create ad units or choose auto-ads to show ads on your personal website.

What is AdSense Alternative?

The ad network similar to Google AdSense is usually AdSense Alternative. They pay their publishers with a minimum threshold and help them by providing the favor of having low traffic on their website.
Most of the new bloggers skip AdSense because of its low traffic and take their eyes on other Top AdSense Alternatives.

Alternative means ‘similar‘. They find ad networks that are similar to Google AdSense and get rid of ad limits.

Top Adsense alternatives for Low Traffic

Top Adsense Alternatives for Low Traffic/New Bloggers :

  • AdsVictory
  • Evadav
  • TrafficStars
  • AdsZolo
  • MellowAds
  • AdsColony
  • HooliganMedia
  • PopunderStar


AdsVictory is an alternative to Google AdSense where you can monetize your website, app, and videos. This ad network gives high CPM rates to their publishers. With over 4 years of age, this website is a gift for new bloggers.

AdsVictory is considered a best ad network for low traffic.

AdsVictory claims that your revenue will increase by 30% the normal. You can also get an affiliate bonus of 5% when a person joins AdsVictory through your affiliate link. You’ll get paid through UPI, bank transfer, or Paypal.


Evadav is a friendly ad network for new bloggers which provides push, popunder, in-page, native and banner ads. Push notifications are clickable messages sent to the desktop or mobile devices of users who have opt-in to receive browser notifications.

Evadav also provides a 5% referral commission for their publishers. You can get your payment through multiple payment systems like Payoneer, Skrill, UnionPay, BitPay, Paxum, Neteller, Yandex Money, AliPay, etc.

Traffic Stars

The Top AdSense alternative for almost all types of ads is TrafficStars.

It provides automatic payouts, live support, security, real-time statistics, and compliant ads. TrafficStars pay their customers through Paxum, Wire transfer, Bitcoin, and USDT.


Another alternative to AdSense is AdsZolo. The ad units are text, banners,s and pop-ups. It provides a 20% referral commission to its publishers.

It’s one of the AdSense Alternatives for blogspot domain.

The minimum payout of AdsZolo is $0.20 which is just a few impressions away. You can withdraw your payments through Bitcoin & Paypal.


MellowAds is a leading crypto ad network where you can create ad units of banner and pop-under ads. You can also claim faucets on this website.

It’s an top Adsense alternatives for low traffic.

MellowAds is a tricky ad network where just one single page is present. It is a microniche blog. At 5 years of age, this website is a gift for newcomers.


It is a professional ad network where you can apply for extra revenue. HooliganMedia claims that you can earn more than Google AdSense on their platform.

This ad network does not require high traffic from your website. It is a US-based website and is only available for US citizens.


If you want the AdSense alternative for low traffic, pop-under and pop-up ads, visit PopUnderStar.

The minimum threshold of this website is $10 with multiple payment options like Paypal, Wire transfer. Your website could get banned or denied if you send bot traffic to your site.

About AdSense Alternatives

The above alternatives of AdSense are very sensitive. If you send bot traffic, invalid clicks, paid traffic, or self-click, your publisher account could be banned. This is an immoral act and any ad network doesn’t bear this kind of publisher.

No matter if you have very low traffic or zero traffic.

Google AdSense also act on this principle and never allows their publishers to do that. So, If you want to work with these ad networks, you should be super honest with your visitors.

Google AdSense Alternatives

To Sum Up

I have provided 8 Top AdSense Alternatives for New Bloggers from which you would get approval even if you’re having low traffic. I hope you’ll get approval instantly and work on your content creation.

If you found any mistakes in this article or if you want to give us a good suggestion, please let us know in the comments section. Thank You!


How much Google AdSense pay per click?

It’s actually called CPM. The CPM does not have a definite value. It could be high or low and depends on the country from where the click gots. The CPM is high if you get a click from USA, UK, Germany, or France. It’s range from $1 to $20

Which AdSense niche pays the highest?

At that time, You’d get high CPM and CPC in finance niche. It’s one of the highest paying niches from where you can earn a lot. Also, you can choose its sub-niche which is about cryptocurrency.
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